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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love At First Sight...

Part 3 of Dating and Marrying a Widow series....I am going to take some liberty with this and talk about falling in love, with both Jake and Curtis:)  Click to read Part 1 and Part 2.

How many of you believe in love at first sight?  I am not sure about it.  I think that it can happen for some and would be impossible for others.  I do believe that many people experience infatuation at first sight though!

When I first saw Jake I was in shock that someone so hot went to CEU, however I was also dating another guy at the time.  That guy didn't stick around too long though and I moved my sights onto Jake.  I saw him driving his big green truck around campus at CEU and would wave occasionally.  Then one day I sat next to him, by chance in church.  That's when I found out what his name was but we never spoke.  It wasn't until a month later that he came into the cosmetology department to get his hair cut that I moved in.

My friends came running in to tell me Jake was in the lobby.  I panicked because I had slept late and didn't really get ready that day.  I snuck out the back door and ran across the street to my dorm to put on some makeup.  I came back to school and I told my teacher that I really wanted to go out with him and asked her to go set it up.  I watched from the background as she asked him to come to her office when he was finished getting his hair cut.  My stomach was full of butterflies!  I could hardly wait for her to come back and tell me what he said.  She came and told me that he was willing to go out with me, and then she had me write my name and phone number on a piece of paper for him.  As I handed her the paper she grabbed her arms and said, "oh, I have goose bumps, I think something could happen with this."

Jake called the next day and arranged for a lunch date for friday afternoon.  My teacher knew I was skipping school for the date and she was very excited for me.  Our first date was going to the drive thru of Wendy's (I hate all fast food), and it was more like an interview than a date.  We sat in his truck in the Kmart parking lot (listen we were in Price,'s really slim pickings!!) and talked for about an hour.  I was totally smitten with him...even though the date wasn't that exciting.  The next week he asked for a second date, but we also saw each other several times before the date.  I went and watched one of his basketball games, he stopped by to visit me while I was in school, and we sat together at a CEU basketball game and went to a dance together the night before our next scheduled date.  He had asked me to go to his home town Castle Dale to go horse back riding and see his sister in a play.

I was so excited for the date.  He came 30 minutes I guess he was pretty excited too.  I ended up eating a bowl of Rice Chex in my bedroom while I quickly finished getting ready.  We took the 30 minute drive south to Castle Dale.  I remember thinking how ugly the drive was. (I did learn to love it though)  Jake drove me down to his cattle ranch where they kept all their horses.  He saddled up two horses and off we went in the middle of January on a ride.  I didn't notice the cold at all!  Well, it was during this ride that I would fall in love with Jake.  As we walked slowly on our horses and flirted we learned a lot about each other.  I told him I wanted to see how fast he could run on the horse.  Jake was more than willing to show off for me.  He explained I would need to hold really tight onto my horse so that it wouldn't run too.  Once we got set, he put the spurs to his horse and he was off.  As I watched him, I was love at first sight!  That feeling was way beyond infatuation at first sight.  I felt a deep stirring inside my heart that was new, different, unlike anything I had ever felt before!  I fell in love with Jake the first time I saw him riding a horse like a true Cowboy.  

After we were married I always loved watching him on the farm and riding his horses.  I realized the power of this love at fist sight experience a year or two after we were married.  I was really upset with Jake for some reason, I can't remember why...but it probably had something to do with spending too much time on the ranch and not enough time with me.  Well, I was going to drive down to the ranch and tell him why I was so mad.  As I was making my way down the winding dirt road I came upon a lot of cows being herded to a new location.  The cowboy moving them was Jake.  I was still mad and just followed along in the car waiting for Jake to come over so I could talk to him.  Then it happened...a couple cows got too far off the path and I saw Jake put the spurs to his horse and take off running through the brush after the cows.  My heart melted.  I felt the same way I did all those months/years ago.  I fell in love with him all over again and I was no longer angry with him.  Jake running on a horse stays in my mind, my "love at first sight" moment.  It was the one thing we had that could bring the rush of true love back into my heart and heal any wound I was feeling instantly.

Fast forward 8 years...

When Curtis and I started dating it was much different than two young kids falling in love.  We had baggage...and a lot of it.  I have written about our first couple dates in this post.

I really enjoyed our 3rd date and it was the first time I thought I could maybe like him.  For our fourth date Curtis wanted me to come to his house and he would make dinner for me.  I remember calling my widow besties and telling them I was scared he might try to kiss me.  I wasn't sure I was attracted to him like that, and I was really nervous about it.  They offered some advice and talked me through my fears.  Curtis picked me up for our date and drove me to his home.  He made a delicious steak dinner for me and we had a lot of great conversation about our kids, our pasts, and what we wanted in our futures.  He was showing me some old photo books filled with pictures from his youth and it was clear he had been in a lot of choirs...not to mention the BYU Men's choir.  I asked him if he would sing for me.  He acted a little shy about it...but I am sure he was just as excited to show off for me as Jake had been so many years before that.  He started singing A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.  He had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard!  I had my "love at first sight" moment with Curtis when I heard him sing.  I was so impressed by him!  That night I had been so worried about a first kiss, but after listening to him sing my heart was open to him.

After Curtis drove me home we sat in his car in my driveway and talked.  When it was time to say goodbye he asked for a kiss.  Our kiss was to this day the most amazing kiss I have ever had.  I often tell people (this is cheesy...I know) that it reminded me of the famous quote from The Princess Bride.  "Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure.  This one left them all behind."  

That was the date that I fell in love with Curtis.  The power of my love at first sight moment with Curtis is the same as it was with Jake.  When I hear him sing I fall in love with him all over again.  If I am upset with him, it melts away the pain I have felt.  I often volunteer him to sing for church functions because I love to hear him sing.  He sang a few different songs to me on our wedding day.  It was very romantic.  We have always dreamed that I would be able to play the piano while he sang.  I had lessons for 11 years as a kid...but can't play a song.  Well, last fall I started to practice some church songs.  I learned a few and got pretty good at them.  I was trying to figure out what to get Curtis for Christmas when I had an idea.  I found an "Easy" love song book that had one of the songs that he sang to me on our wedding day.  "All I Ask Of You" from Phantom of the Opera.  I practiced in secret for weeks and hid the book from him.  On Christmas morning I played the song for him.  His eyes welled up with tears of appreciation and love.  I played the song a second time and he sang along with me.  It was awesome and very romantic.

So my question for all of you is this...Even if you didn't experience love at first you have a love at first sight moment?  Can you pinpoint the very moment that you fell in love?  Does it have the same power my love at first sight moments have?

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