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Monday, February 28, 2011

First Prayer

Yesterday in nursery I felt really bad because at the beginning of the lesson they asked the kids who wanted to say the prayer. All the kids jumped up and down in their seats shouting "me". A little boy about Cam's age got up and with the teachers help said the prayer, repeating almost everything she said. I got sad that Cam didn't jump up and down shouting "me". Even sadder that he wouldn't have been able to repeat even one word she said. I have been stewing about it the last 2 days. Tonight I thought...why can't he say a prayer? The answer is he can. I sat him on his bed and he folded his arms and started to close his eyes. I said to him, "no mommy's not saying the prayer tonight, you are." I showed him the signs and he followed. Heavenly Father, thank you, love you, name of Jesus Christ, amen. I knew all the signs for these simple words except amen (I'm going to have to look it up) so we folded our arms for amen. It brings tears to my eyes even thinking about it. He was so excited to say his first prayer. I LOVE being his mom!

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