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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Jake...he would be 40 years old!?!

It is hard to believe that Jake has been dead for over 10 years old.  It is even harder to believe he would have turned 40 years old today.  Jake will forever be 29 years old in my mind.

Jake was a great man that loved his horses, his cattle ranch, his family and God.  He was an example of being a good, honest, hard worker.  He was a great daddy and loved being with his boys.  He would tease his sister's constantly and was the main helper with his adult autistic brother.  He was best friends with his dad.  When he died he left a devastating hole in the entire community.

He was also an amazing husband and best friend to me.  He would always play with my hair...which I loved...but he would also twist it and put it in my ear to tickle me...and that drove me crazy.  About a week before he died we were driving home from a trip to Salt Lake.  He was doing his usual tickling my ear with my hair and I told him to stop it.  While laughing Jake said, "If I die, you are going to miss that so much!".  Joking back I told him I would never miss it!   Well, he was right...I have missed it everyday since he died!

Every year I take the kids and all my family to Jake's favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday, Joe Morley's BBQ.  This year we had to do two different shifts to make sure everyone could come.  We will always remember him and celebrate his life!

Happy Birthday Jake!!!

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  1. I'm so glad that you posted this. Jake is my second cousin (on his Mom's side). I miss him and loved seeing the pictures. :)