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Friday, October 7, 2011

Major Progress!!

Cam has made amazing progress in the last few months. After we were able to get him to say "ball in" it was only a matter of weeks before he was talking. We are all so excited. It was like his brain found a new path and Cam was able to start communicating verbally. He went from less than 20 or so words to more words than I can count in a couple of weeks. He started putting 2 and 3 words together, and now is up to even 4 word sentences. He started by being a little parrot and repeating everything he heard. Now he is able to come up with the words on his own. He is still behind, but we are thrilled with his progress. Some of his words are hard to understand. It is a guessing game most of the day trying to figure out exactly what he is saying. Cam has loved being able to talk to people. He is very friendly and polite. He say's "thanks you" to everyone constantly for anything they do for him. A few weeks ago he said out of the blue, "Mom, love you" and he always responds "love you too" when I say it to him. He is so cute. He can say all his brothers names and most of his family's names too. When he is in trouble and crying he still signs "sorry" which is absolutely adorable. He reverts back to sign often especially when I don't understand what he is saying.
Cam remains in speech therapy once a week, and has started preschool. He goes to school twice a week and rides the bus. He loves watching for the bus and yells, "the bus, the bus" when it arrives. He is doing great in school. His teachers adore him.
Cam is also potty training with great success right now. This is exciting for us both. After a lot of research I found that most kids with PVNH aren't able to potty train until age 5 or 6 and really struggle with it. I am thrilled for him and so proud of how eager he is to become a big boy.