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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekly Update

So on Sunday in nursery the kids were all sitting at the table having a snack. Cameron was signing that he wanted more fish crackers. The teacher game him some more crackers and he signed thank you. When she got to the next child that can speak he signed more fish just like Cameron did. It was so cute. It gives me a little hope that because the kids in his class will grow up with him signing it will be normal to them. They might even learn some of the signs too and he won't feel isolated like I am fearing.

In Cam's toddler class yesterday he signed coat on his own when he wanted to get his coat on to play outside. He hasn't ever signed coat with out being shown the sign before. He also signed black while reading a book with me the other day when he pointed to the black train. I knew that he can sign red and blue on his own but black is new. Cam also started saying "me" or "mine" a few days ago. It sounds like "may" when he says it, but this is great progress to have another word.

I have been going to my class called The Hanen Program. It is 1 time a week. I have gone twice. I think it will be good. A lot of the stuff I am already doing. Cam's case is different too. It's not that he doesn't want to communicate it's just that he really has a hard time learning to verbally. But I will continue to go and get any info I can that will help him.

He has also started a little bit of the terrible two's. His pout is to die for though. It is really hard not to laugh at him. He drops his head in despair when things don't go his way. I will win this battle though. He also says NO in a really naughty tone. I have tried to reply with "you need to talk nice to mommy" instead of using words like, "Don't talk like that". I don't want to ever use the words "don't talk" in any conversation with him.

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